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Quiet Noisy Pipes

Sound Seal Acoustical Pipe and Duct Lagging is specifically designed  for wrapping noisy pipes, valves and ducts in  both indoor and outdoor applications.
Our pipe and duct wrap consists of a  1 lb per sq. ft. or  2 lb per sq. ft. mass loaded vinyl noise barrier with a reinforced  foil facing on one side. The foil facing accepts a matching tape which facilitates quick and easy installation.
pipe wrap
Our Lag is Commonly bonded to a 1 inch or 2 inch thick quilted fiberglass decoupler/absorber to improve and increase acoustical performance. The quilted fiberglass decouples the loaded vinyl noise barrier from the source of the noise. By doing this we create a floating noise barrier which brings optimum noise abatement.
rollSound Seal's Acoustical lagging products are wrapped around the outside of a pipe or duct to reduce the noise that breaks through the walls of the  pipe or duct.

Unlike Sound Seal's Acoustical Lagging, that stops the transmission of noise into surrounding areas, duct liners reduce the noise that exits a duct through openings such as supply and return vents.
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tapeAlso available to facilitate the installation of our lagging products is our Matching Lag Tape
( Tape, 4" X 200' )
Technical Data Sheets

Other Sound Seal Acoustical Wraps, Jackets and Lagging Products.
Technical Data Sheets

Sound Seal Acoustical Pipe and Duct Lagging is supplied
in rolls 54" X 30' long.  It is used for Sheet Metal Ductwork, Valves, VAV Units, Heat Exchangers, Blowers and Fans, as well as iron (PVC) Piping and Steel Piping.
Tech Data Sheets

acoustical composite

Industrial "BBC" acoustical composite  used as an acoustical wrap on large diameter piping at a Waste Water Treatment facility.

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